Resilient Rasbora

There are only three Rasbora left, from our initial population of six early last year. The three died of illness.

Now one of the Rasbora appears to be having some problems too, where he has been struggling to stay afloat since 2 weeks back.

Despite his difficulty in swimming, he has not given up hope and was constantly flipping his fins to stay at afloat.


Mysterious Deaths

Our male Gourami and one of our Rasboras were found dead today.

For the Gourami, there was no visible physical deformity, so it is a mystery what led to his death all of a sudden. Just few days back, he was still aggressively chasing other fishes away from his bubblenest and fries (see Gourami¬†Fries!)…

We have scooped up the surviving fries previously, so I wonder if it was due to stress/depression he suffered after finding out that the fries that he so dearly protected were gone? Or was it due to my ‘imprisonment’ overnight that caused him to be stressed out?

This morning, before I left for work, I did notice a long stringy white poop coming out from one of the female Gouramis. This was a sign of internal parasite, but I was in a hurry to go for work so did not quarantine her.

Linking the death and her parasite issue, I wonder if it is due to our tank parameters going haywire? Need to conduct pH and Ammonia tests tonight.

Another reason could also be due to the recent increase in our snail population; the dwarf loaches have been lazy in eating up the snails, as they had been enjoying the sinking pellets we dropped in during meal times for the Corydoras, SAE and Garra. We have read that snails might carry parasites which might pass to the fishes.

On another related/unreleated issue, one of our Rasboras had an injury to his jaw, causing it to swell up and he had to maintain his ‘mouth opened’ pose. He was swimming weakly and although we managed to quarantine him, he died a few hours later.

The reason to his death is still unknown, though I suspect it could be injuries while he was swimming away from the male Gourami’s attacks previously.