Current Fishes

::In the Goldfish Tank (as of 25th May 08)::


::In the Main Tank (as of 18th Apr 08)::




…::Siamese Algae Eater:::…

…::Dwarf Chain Loach:::…

Dwarf Chain Loach

…::Rasbora, Harlequin:::…


(Added on 14-Jan-07)
We have three of them, and it is always difficult to distinguish one from another. Middle shaoling fish and our longest surviving fishes.



(Added on 22-Jun-07 in Guppy Tank, Added on 30-Jun-07 in Main Tank)
Five Ottos in all, two in the Guppy Tank and three others in the Main Tank. Peaceful and effective algae eaters who often shaol together.

::In the Genoah Tank::




3 Responses

  1. nice fishes! a close freind has a really nice set up tank with exotic freshwater dwellers also. gave the pair of juvenile oscars a dried out shrimp to play with recently for some fun action as its tasty for them but acts like a baloon as soon as they let go and floats.
    dont let patapon get in the way of taking care of these nice fish 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comments. ^^

    It’s always a joy watching the fishes interacting with each other and the environment, so no matter what other committments there are, taking care of our three tanks will still be on our to-do lists!

  3. the fishes are so beautiful

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