Passing on of Xiao Hua

Xiao Hua was one of the four goldfishes we bought in May 08, 3 months from today (see A New Beginning…).

We chose her out of the many goldfishes at the fish farm because of her unique colour patterns; she looked like she was wearing a flowery mask for an opera show, and that was why we named her as so (小花), which represents ‘flowers’.

A few weeks after her arrival, we noticed that she was having some floating problems (see Tanks and Fishes Updates) and thought we would lose her then. However, she continued to survive without any problems, and was always very lively, especially during her feeding times.

So it was unfortunate that she was still the least healthy of the four goldfishes, and her time had come.

It was yesterday morning that my wife Cat started noticing Xiao Hua being sucked close to the filter inlet, and hardly swam around. By the time I reached home, she was lying below the plants, almost motionlessly.

It was until this evening that I found her completely motionless and not breathing by the filter, with her tails broken off at some parts. Hopefully this is not the dreaded fins/tail rot disease, as it’s contagious and (touch wood!) could have passed on to the remaining three goldfishes.

Meanwhile, our trio are still swimming around happily and healthily, despite the loss of one companion. Perhaps to them, it was just one less mouth to fight with during meal times…


Mysterious Deaths

Our male Gourami and one of our Rasboras were found dead today.

For the Gourami, there was no visible physical deformity, so it is a mystery what led to his death all of a sudden. Just few days back, he was still aggressively chasing other fishes away from his bubblenest and fries (see Gourami Fries!)…

We have scooped up the surviving fries previously, so I wonder if it was due to stress/depression he suffered after finding out that the fries that he so dearly protected were gone? Or was it due to my ‘imprisonment’ overnight that caused him to be stressed out?

This morning, before I left for work, I did notice a long stringy white poop coming out from one of the female Gouramis. This was a sign of internal parasite, but I was in a hurry to go for work so did not quarantine her.

Linking the death and her parasite issue, I wonder if it is due to our tank parameters going haywire? Need to conduct pH and Ammonia tests tonight.

Another reason could also be due to the recent increase in our snail population; the dwarf loaches have been lazy in eating up the snails, as they had been enjoying the sinking pellets we dropped in during meal times for the Corydoras, SAE and Garra. We have read that snails might carry parasites which might pass to the fishes.

On another related/unreleated issue, one of our Rasboras had an injury to his jaw, causing it to swell up and he had to maintain his ‘mouth opened’ pose. He was swimming weakly and although we managed to quarantine him, he died a few hours later.

The reason to his death is still unknown, though I suspect it could be injuries while he was swimming away from the male Gourami’s attacks previously.

Guppies’ Epidemic

It has been a while since we updated on the status of our Guppy Tank, one of the main reasons being an epidemic had broken out in both our tanks since beginning of May.

Guppies started dying one after another, mainly suffering from fin and tail rot diseases. We tried to rescue the initial infected by isolating them into quarantine tanks and treating them with salt and Melafix, but those did nothing to help them.

Then the disease started to spread rapidly in both tanks simultaneously, the link between them unknown. The only similarity that we could determine was we stopped introducing Benefiical Bacteria and Vitamins solutions during each water change, since both had run out at roughly the same time. We thought the Ocean Free New Water solution would be sufficient to provide healthy and dechlorinated water to our fishes, but it appeared that it just wasn’t enough.

And so the guppies started to have their tails broken, leading to death gradually. From the videos/photos below, you will be able to see how our guppy population decreased drastically over a short period of time, leading to near extinction:

Taken on 2nd May 08, where many beautiful, active guppies were still swimming happily, oblivious to what tragic future was laid in front of them:

By 13th May 08, a handful of guppies had already passed away, especially the beautiful males:

On 19th May 08, the number of guppies had dropped drastically, leaving only a few surviving guppies (mostly females) still alive and kicking:

It’s saddening to see our entire collection of guppies just got hit by such an epidemic, but there was nothing much we could do.

Perhaps it’s time to bring our fish rearing hobby to another direction…?

Death of a Newcomer

Flowery, a male guppy donning a beautiful red tail, joined our community tank last Friday, when I visited Aquastar in Yishun (see New Carpet Plants Added).

Swimming in a tank full of different types of guppies, he caught my eye due to his bright colourful red colour, and a full tail with no breakage or imperfection. Sold at S$1.00, I netted him up together with another yellow guppy (named him Royalty) from another tank and brought them home.

All was well till last night, when we noticed small holes in Flowery’s tail. We were pretty sure these holes weren’t there when we brought him home then. Moreover, he appeared weak and was constantly swimming stationary at the same location. Concerned that he might infect the other fishes with his fungus infection, we quickly moved him to a quarantine tank.

Even in the quarantine tank, he did not make much effort of panic by swimming around the tank. Instead, he just simply rested on the floor of the tank and was barely moving. I knew from experience that he would not be able to make it past tonight.

Indeed not long after, his dead body was found in the tank. Although our journey with him was very short, we will remember he once existed.

Rest in peace, Flowery.

Leopard Has Left Us Too

After Golden had passed away last night, we quickly moved Leopard (who was quarantined with him since a day back) into another container to avoid contamination etc. We had him quarantined as his tail was starting to break away too, and he appeared weaker everyday.

We then found Leopard stuck to the side of the quarantine tank this morning…

Leopard Guppy RIP

Hopefully the other guppies in the Main Planted Tank are not affected by this infection. We will monitor the situation.

Golden Has Left Us

Our male guppy Golden started showing signs of reddish wounds at his tail (see Fin Rot or Fungus?), and we had quarantined him since then.

It was this morning that I decided to add a little of Melafix, a natural medication famous for curing tail and fin rot. I had purposely delayed the application of the medication only after three days that he was quarantined as I wouldn’t want to shock him with the change in water condition.

Unfortunately, Golden still had to bid us goodbye, with half of his tail vanished completely.

Yello Guppy Dead

Pretty – R.I.P.

After struggling hard to stay alive, Pretty finally breathed her last and rested peaceful for eternity, and our memories of her shall remain:

13-Apr-07: Pretty arrived at our aquarium with few others, including Fei Fei, Hong Bao and Leopard.

10-May-07: Pretty gave birth for the very first time (see Our first Guppy Fries!) while quarantining her due to suspected internal parasite.

MMS of Pretty and her babies

02-Jun-07: Pretty gave birth again, less than a month since her first delivery (see Guppies – Baby Making Machines?)


 27-Jun-07: Pretty delivered for the third time (see More Fry Surprises!).


26-Sep-07: Guppy and the other inhabitants in the Main Planted Tank were housed in a small temporary shelter (see Photos – Main Fishes)


08-Oct-07: A photo of Pretty:


03-Nov-07: Pretty returned to the Main Planted Tank after being quarantined for a week due to a hole in her dorsal fin. A fight broke out between Fei Fei and her upon returning (see Fights between Pretty and Fei Fei).

12-Dec-07: Pretty living peacefully with her daughter, Pretty Jr (see Pregnant Mum & Daughter).


10-Apr-08: Pretty Jr died (see Death of Pretty Jr).

12-Apr-08: Pretty showing signs of aging with a croaked spine (see The Female Duo).


15-Apr-08: Pretty getting weaker (Pretty Getting Weaker).

18-Apr-08: Her son Active showed filiality as her days were numbered (see Pretty’s Fillial Son).

19-Apr-08: Pretty said goodbye to all and left for paradise. We’ll miss you.