Back from Holidays!


Cat and I just returned from our 3-day trip from Bintan Lagoon Resort for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. It was a fun yet tiring trip, and we managed to pick up some skills on things like golfing and pool playing.

At the end of our trip, we couldn’t help but to worry a little about our little pets back at home, though we have already made the necessary work before we left Singapore (see Missing Fries). We wondered if our fishes have been starving, or if the fries in the main tank have been salvaged as food by the other bigger fishes.

Fortunately when we returned this afternoon, all appeared in good condition (though the fifth fry in the main tank is still missing in action). The holiday food we placed in the main tank was only slightly smaller in size (it’s said to last up to 14 days anyway). After feeding the fishes in all three tanks with their usual meals, I started to take the remaining holiday food from the tank, since it’s no longer necessary.


The fries in the two fry tanks appear to be visibly larger when I saw them again, especially those of Fei Fei’s genes. Their blackish colours are more visible now, so are the reddish colours for some of the larger Pretty’s children.

Just minutes back, I’ve also checked the Ammonia level of the new Guppy Tank using the Ammonia test kit I bought months ago, since the water in the tank has been running for 12 days (see Journey to a New Tank).

The test kit reveals a satisfactory result of zero Ammonia level. This could well mean it’s time to let in the fishes.

As previously planned, we will add in two Golden Algae Eaters into the tank first, to help clear up any algae in it (though none is visible right now), and also to ensure the waters are really of habitable conditions.


Journey to a New Tank (Part 1)

Had some discussions with Cat on several occassions regarding the future of our guppy fries, and in the end we decided to set up another aquarium in preparation for the fries as they approach adulthood. This will be a smaller and more modern tank than our current 3ft main tank.

Around noon time, we decided to drive around to visit a few fish shops, with Qian Hu as our final stop. The first two shops we went to offer several packages, but we decided to check on Qian Hu before coming up with any decision.

And so we arrived at Qian Hu at around 3pm, and checked out their tanks on sale. There were many cheap buys that were placed along the corridor, with a 2ft tank with lights costing only S$30! I was tempted to get that tank, since besides its price, it was also the same design at the one we already had back home. So ours were of a outdated design afterall…

We then saw several cabinets (or stands for the fish tank) on display further on, and although these cabinets (also same design as ours) are only selling at S$80, they were of no usable conditions. Corners or sides were chipped off and such. I wondered why these cabinets weren’t kept in proper condition if they were intending to sell them.

We then proceeded on into the air-conditioned store where most of their on-sale items were in. We checked out a few tanks and many combinations of the cabinet + tank came to our minds. We considered for quite a while before deciding to purchase the same-design cabinet with a modern looking 2ft tank. Regarding the cabinet, although it was of the same design as those we saw outside (and also same as the one we had), it was wrapped up nicely and so the condition of the cabinet was maintained. It was of the same price too.

As for the tank, it came in a package containing the tank itself, an overhead mounted light and a hang-on filter. All these at only S$108. It was quite a good buy for us, since it basically had what we wanted for, except for a cannister filter. But oh well, I don’t think I will really mind a hang-on filter; since I do perform the weekly water change maintainence diligently.

On the way out while footing the bill, I spotted a new product by Ocean Free (subsidiary of Qian Hu) called ‘New Water’. Well, it ain’t the New Water our government had researched on, but a new concentrated solution which will help dechlorinate tap water and get rid of the toxic in it.

There were similar products by Ocean Free which perform identical functions, but it appeared that this was more of an ‘All-in-one’ product and since it was new in the market, it should be even more effective. Of course I bought one of this, since it would aid us in preparing the tank for the guppy fries.

With the help of the salesperson, we loaded the cabinet and tank into the boot of the car.

Aquarama Part 2

It’s an interesting experience being at Aquarama. I’ve taken some photos too so here’s my account(DreamyCat) of Aquarama.

aquaramagouramibeautiful.jpg aquaramaguppyorange.jpg

These strains of Gouramis and Guppies are fresh to me. They are really beautiful.

aquaramafishlineup.jpg aquaramagarra.jpg

Have you seen corydoras lining up? An interesting group which had many people snapping away. They are like cars in a parking lot. Under the new species category, we saw Garra Flavatra! They are really huge too (8-10cm). Hopefully, we will be able to keep our two Garras to this size!


This was the one Wave mentioned earlier on. Guppy with short tails! I’ve never seen them before cos usually only females will have shorter tails. They are pretty with ‘flame like’ tails. Yellow and orange, my favourite colours.

aqauramagoldfishfavspecies.jpg aqauramagoldfishfavspecies2.jpg  

This is my favourite species of goldfish. They look so adorable. The fish on the right won the First Prize. A beautiful huge goldfish. How long did it take to grow to such a size?

aquaramapleco.jpg aquaramapleco2.jpg

Plecos really look like some kind of sea-monsters. Odd fishes yet have beautiful skin texture. Their skin looks ‘furry’ instead of scales.

aqauramaaquascaping2.jpg aqauramaaquascaping3.jpg

The competition Aquascaping tanks. The plants are all so healthy and many of the designs are really great.

aquaramaseawatertank.jpg  aqauramaperculiarfish.jpg

The seawater tanks for competition looks roughly the same. They are all colourful and full of ‘Nemos’ and ‘Dorys’. Mostly use yellow fishes too. This peculiar fish caught our attention. Purplish!

aqauramaarowanafirst.jpg aqauramainterestingfish.jpg

Not really interested in Arowana but this first prize Arowana deserves its prize for the amazing reflective scales.