Passing on of Xiao Hua

Xiao Hua was one of the four goldfishes we bought in May 08, 3 months from today (see A New Beginning…).

We chose her out of the many goldfishes at the fish farm because of her unique colour patterns; she looked like she was wearing a flowery mask for an opera show, and that was why we named her as so (小花), which represents ‘flowers’.

A few weeks after her arrival, we noticed that she was having some floating problems (see Tanks and Fishes Updates) and thought we would lose her then. However, she continued to survive without any problems, and was always very lively, especially during her feeding times.

So it was unfortunate that she was still the least healthy of the four goldfishes, and her time had come.

It was yesterday morning that my wife Cat started noticing Xiao Hua being sucked close to the filter inlet, and hardly swam around. By the time I reached home, she was lying below the plants, almost motionlessly.

It was until this evening that I found her completely motionless and not breathing by the filter, with her tails broken off at some parts. Hopefully this is not the dreaded fins/tail rot disease, as it’s contagious and (touch wood!) could have passed on to the remaining three goldfishes.

Meanwhile, our trio are still swimming around happily and healthily, despite the loss of one companion. Perhaps to them, it was just one less mouth to fight with during meal times…