SAE, Guppies, Gourami

Our older SAE has been behaving lethargic lately, and having a small appetite despite his favourite sinking pellet falling right in front of him. He would in fact spend more of his time chasing the other fishes away, though he ended up not eating any of the food after the fishes had been chased away.

Also, he had been resting quietly at different places in the tank, usually under the shelter of the driftwood. On an occassion, he was resting by the carbon dioxide outlet tube, a place which we have never seen him at before. His behaviour reminded us of an old man, and so probably he had already reached that age.

As for the group of female guppies, we had transferred those healthy ones to our main Planted Tank, and they had adjusted well to this new environment. Although they were not born with fanciful tails like those of their male counterparts, they were still attractive as a whole, especially under the light where their tails would sparkle, some with a beautiful blue tint. Besides that, their presence also seems to bring life into the tank.

For the Gourami fries though, things had not been looking good over the past few days. With more than a dozen fries initially, I could only found one fry still swimming in the tank. All the other missing fries were probably be dead.

We had fed them with infusoria (see Gourami Fries!) and topped up some clean aquarium water weekly, so we do not know what might have led to their death. To think we thought we could have a tank full of Gouramis in the near future…


Tanks and Fishes Updates

Some updates since our last post:

The remaining two female Gouramis were found dead one after another shortly after the death of the male Gourami. Reason of their deaths is unknown, but probably attributed to their poor health from the fish shop.

The female guppies in the small tank were mostly doing well, with the exception of two, who appeared to be infected with some kind of disease or deformity, judging from their body shapes. The rest has been transferred to our main Planted Tank and they appear to be happy with their new environment.

The SAE from the Goldfish tank was transferred to our main Planted Tank too, seeing that he appeared to be starving due to the lack of sinking pellet (which will be eaten up by the goldfishes before it even gets close to the bottom) and black brush algae. The SAE appears happy now with the environment, just that he has been lazy in eating up the algae, and instead just hover always at the front waiting for food to be dropped in.

As for the Goldfishes, all look well except for Xiao Hua, who sometimes has problems keeping herself submerged in the water. She keeps floating up to the surface and she needs to struggle in order to bring her body down. However, this symptom only occurs occassionally and she appears normal beyond these occassions.

Inspiring Video Clip to share – Goldfish Surgery

Came across this video clip this evening and thought it was inspiring that there are fish hobbyists out there too who care a lot for their fishes, to the extent of finding professionals to perform surgery on their beloved fish: