The Inevitable – R.I.P. Fei Fei

The inevitable had happened — Fei Fei rested in peace today.

She is the first fish to have gone to paradise due to old age, and since she has been with us for quite a while, we will like to dedicate the following flashback of her life to her:

13-Apr-07: Fei Fei arrived at our aquarium with few others, including Pretty, Hong Bao and Leopard.

25-May-07: Fei Fei had been carrying her big tummy for the past few weeks and worried that she might have over-eaten, we placed her in a quarantine tank (see Obese ‘Fei Fei’).

fei fei guppy

31-May-07: Fei Fei finally gave birth the first time (see Fei Fei Finally Gave Birth!).


12-Jun-07: One of Fei Fei’s handicapped but respected fries named Hero passed away (Hero will always be a Hero).

15-Sep-07: Fei Fei, together with the other inhabitants in the Main Tank, had to be transferred to a temporary small tank during the cleanup (see The Huge Revamp Begins!).


03-Nov-07: Fei Fei started fighting with Pretty, who had just returned from quarantine (see Fights between Pretty and Fei Fei).

26-Jan-08: Fei Fei started to show signs of weakness.

30-Jan-08: Fei Fei rested in peace for eternity.

feifei guppy


Fei Fei’s Condition Update


Fei Fei’s condition continued to worsen, and she hardly swims around anymore. She basically just rests her bent body on the substrate.

Looks like the inevitable is coming…

Fei Fei Turning Weak

Fei Fei had started to adopt a bent, crooked pose since a while back. Though it looked very awkward from our view, she seemed to be coping quite well nevertheless, though she did aggressive once in a while.

However, her condition worsened today, as she started to develop difficulty in swimming. Maybe age has started to catch up on her…

R.I.P. Lightning

We have a pair of beautiful looking silvery male guppies in the Main Tank, and as they were both similar looking, we just called them Lightning for both.

Recently one had contacted fin rot and although we tried to treat him using Melafix, he still couldn’t battle the illness and had rested in peace.