Fights between Pretty and Fei Fei

Pretty had been transferred to the quarantine tank since a week ago, after Cat noticed a hole in her dorsal fin. Worried that she might have been infected with the infectious fin rot disease, we quickly placed her into quarantine, dosed with Melafix daily.

A week had passed and although the hole in her fin had not healed, there was no worsening of her condition. Thus I decided to shift her back into the planted tank, seeing that she was started to feel very lonely.

Fortunately, she assimilated back into her home pretty quickly, and started her usual behaviours.

However, after I had placed some sinking food pellets into the tank, and the fishes started going after them, I noticed Fei Fei, our other female guppy, started poking Pretty with her mouth. Pretty also did not just let herself bullied, and fought back as well. This occurred several times in succession, and I managed to take down a video on the fight.

I had enquired their behaviours on the forums, and the majority feedback that it was normal for the guppies to challenge each other once in a while.

Although I don’t see the fights happening again so far, I couldn’t help but suspect that the hole in Pretty’s fin was caused by these fights.