Snail Egg Found!

After the snail was found, I was paranoid and continued to scout the tank with my eyes, making sure that no more snail can be found. Seeing that the snail was of adult size, I was also worried that it might have laid eggs in our tank.

Sure enough, after scanning through the plants around the area where I found it, I located a small, slimy patch sticking to the rubber along the rear corner of the tank. Carefully using a pincer and net to retrieve it, it was indeed a blot of snail eggs!

It was really fortunate that we have found the eggs, else our tank will once be populated by snails again! Let’s hope this ends our snail incident…


Snail Found!

Despite tremendous effort to eradicate all snails and eggs from the tank, I still found an isolated snail hanging around the rubber tubing for the CO2 emission. I was looking at the Otto, who was resting on the tubing area, when I spotted a reddish shell beside it. Only upon closer look that I realised it’s a dreaded snail!


It’s partially reddish in colour, and transparent for the rest of its body. Not a breed in our original tank setup, so it must have entered via the plants. But how did it accomplish that, having survived the Snail Kill solution and passed through my eyes.

Sigh, I just hope this is the only one snail I will ever ever see in our tank again…


Noticed the Rasbora behaving a little weirdly earlier; instead of shoaling together in a group, they started to split out. Out of these 6 fishes, two were chasing after another, presuming the Rasbora being chased was a female. Probably mating season has come?

On the other hand, there was this thin looking Rasbora, swimming on the surface and against the water current. I thought he was a little weird in behaviour and indeed, he died later in the night. Still unknown what has caused his death…

Plants are growing…

It has been 10 days since we started planting our plants in the Main Tank, and so far most of them appear to be doing fine.

At the foreground, the six patches of Hemianthus Callitrichoides seem to be growing well, with hardly any dead leaves (probably already in weakened state during the transition period). One thing I noticed was that some of the stems are already beginning to grow taller than the others, and revealing parts of their brownish/yellowish stems. Hopefully the other slower growing parts will catch up so that all we will see is lust green. Also hoping that the plants will spread horizontally instead of vertically, thus covering the entire foreground in no time.

As for the Riccia Flutians that are secured using nettings on the two pieces of driftwood, there is visible growth as the plants have growth out of the nettings, thanks to the bright lightings that are guiding them. It is still quite hard to imagine how the final product might look like, but hopefully with some pruning, they will look natural and beautiful on the driftwood. Also, since they do not seem to propagate horizontally so much, I might need to re-deploy the pruned parts back into the nettings so the other areas of the driftwood will be covered by Riccia too.

After identifying the plant with sword-shaped leaves on the left as Amazon Sword (Echinodorus amazonicus), which will grow to a large size (20 – 30 cm), I have tried shifting it to the corner, behind the driftwood and near the inlet of the cannister filter. So when it grows to its large size, it will act beautifully as a background plant and yet not blocking out the other plants behind it. However, it did not seem to do well there and so we decided to shift the plants again to put it in the center and also make the overall outlook of the tank nicer.


New GoldFishes

After the revamp was done, we bought GoldFishes on the 23rd of Sep. Not just any goldfish. I ONLY like ‘Ranchu‘ Goldfish (their chinese name is literally translated to Longevity Star).
They are now housed in the new Genoah fishtank and placed on my desktop.

Their bubbly baby-faces are so adorable and they swim wriggling their small tail. Chubby and Cute.


I have since named them, ‘Hua Hua’ – meaning flowery because of the unorderly orange patches around the body, and ‘Zhu Zhu’- he has a distinct orange strip underneath his belly and is fatter and greedier than hua hua, always snatch the pellet which I drop to Hua Hua though he is still munching another one.



Photos – Main Fishes

We bought a small fish tank on the 15th of Sep 07. It’s an import from Japan and has a stylish design- Genoah. The pastel white tank attracted me and because Wave was doing a revamp too, we decided to buy it to house the main fishes temporarily. Later it will be placed in the study room for my dream fish.



They were stuck with each other for almost a week. The rasbora were driving the rest nuts, going round and round. But this is the first time, I’m able to get their group photo. hee. Son of HongBao and Pretty(no name yet) was placed inside with Fei Fei and Pretty. He’s the prettiest fish out of the guppy fries and the biggest. Hongbao, Blue and Leopard were in quarantine due to their fin rot. Hongbao died, followed by Blue… 😦

– DreamyCat

Active Fishes!

Bought a beautiful yellow-tailed guppy on Sunday; Cat loved it a lot. Finally found and bought a Leopard Cory to keep our lonely Cory companion too.

Since taking clear photos of the actively swimming fishes is a tough task, I have taken some videos of them instead: