15-Day Old Guppy Fries

(The photo is a top view of the fries tank. Look carefully to spot the fries)

Guppy fries 15-day oldWe have been feeding the 20+ guppy fries 3 to 5 times with guppy food pellets daily, to ensure they get the necessary nutrition. Besides the one fry that died after one day since birth, all the other fries have been living healthily. I can see them growing in size every day.

No filter has been attached to the tank since they were transferred here from their mother, as I’m afraid the inlet might suck them right through. Besides a higher tendency to grow algae, everything appears to be in order, as long as I continue to make sure that I perform a 10% water change once a day.

5 to 6 snails from the main aquarium have been added to this guppy fries tank to aid in cleaning. The remaining algae will prove to be good food for the fries too.

The three bushes of hairgrass don’t look too healthy though, since no intentional carbon dioxide has been injected into the tank, which would be vital for a healthy plant growth. Nevertheless, the plants will stay, acting as shelter and food for the fries. I wouldn’t want to disturb the peaceful life in the tank too by putting my hand right in to remove the plants.

From what I have read, their colours will start to show when the fries are around 30 to 45-day old. This would be the time to separate the males from the females, as any sexual encounters between them would hinder their growth. As we can’t determine their genders right now, it would be hard to tell what will be ratio of males to females, and that might affect our decision that how many guppies will eventually get to stay in the main aquarium.

As for the unfortunate unselected guppies, we will either give them away or provide them with another kind of freedom by putting them into a nearby canal.

Meanwhile, before their fates unfold, I will continue to ensure they all grow healthily to adulthood. Frankly, I would like to keep all of them with me, since there’s some emotional strings involved, seeing that they were under our care since birth. Unfortunately, we cannot risk overpopulating our main aquarium and degrading the quality of life there.

It will be an inevitable decision in time.


One Response

  1. My guppie fry are 15 days old today.
    I have 5 and they are already getting black colour
    I will keep them all

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