Gouramis mating

gouramismate.jpgWe caught Feisty mating with the female gourami on Monday. I was excited initially and kept photographing them but grew tired with it as they kept ‘working’ at it. Seemed never ending! Poor Feisty sure looks tired… haha

The female (‘Nemo’) poked Feisty on his underside signalling she’s ready. Then, Feisty started wrapping himself around her, bending his body in a really acrobatic way. They remained in a ball for sometime. He then turned her upside down and released her. As she flipped in an upside down position, eggs are released and floated up to the bubble nest. The male then fertilised the eggs with lots of ‘bubbles’ released from his body. The female swam away after that. After a round of swimming she will come again and the ritual repeats.


It’s interesting to watch how the male guards the eggs so fiercely from other fishes. I wonder if they will successfully hatch this time. They say the eggs should hatch in 24 hours but it’s been quite some time and we have no idea how a small fry from them looks like. O_o. Even if they hatched, they will likely get eaten by other fishes in the tank or by their own parents.


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  1. This was the first time I actually saw the eggs being laid too! With our previous pair of Gouramis, I did see them wrapping together, but didn’t see any eggs being released.

    The female gourami (I call her ‘Nemo’) sure looked very tired after releasing her eggs for so many times. Both of them appeared to be exerting a lot of strength too when they were wrapped around.

    I will check the bubble nest again tonight to see any ‘small tiny winey gourami fries’ swimming around, before they become food for the fishes!

  2. Gourami usually have up to 600 babies but little may survive. So keep wathing Nemo!

  3. hey i really like your describtion on gouramis mating. i just bought flame gouramis(one male and one female) the female is very protective over her food. if you can email me back explaining how they mate and when they start i will really appreciate it thnx!

  4. Hi,
    Educational for a relative novice.
    I KNEW mine were mating! Got the bubbles etc too! Gosh they go at it for a while don’t they!
    Shame mine won’t survive. Tank full of carnivores.. Still, great to know they must be happy enough to mate. good luck! x

  5. Hi, I have recently bought 2 gouramis but I did ask for a female and a male but I’m not sure could u help me identify the genders? X thanks

  6. My colleague gifted me 4 gouramis for Christmas… n i figured out that 1 is male n 3 others are females… Males usually have pointed dorsal fins whereas females have rounded dorsal fins…. 🙂

  7. Helpful info. Lucky me I ran across your site unintentionally, and I’m surprised why this coincidence would not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

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